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The sample of questions and statements below have been observed over the past few years on web sites and forums, often answers to these question or statements like these get answered incorrectly and as mentioned early can cost dearly. If you have any particular questions or want some information in connection with any of the following just drop a mail by clicking the link and will reply asap.

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1) UK spec zeds batteries and Import zeds are different.
WRONG!! all variants of the Z32 use the same battery type and terminal position.

2) UK spec zeds are "better" than import zeds
WRONG!! each variant has its own merits and with the exception of minor trim differences are the same car.

3) UK zeds are faster
WRONG!! power outputs are the same, granted some imports still have speed restricters on.....but not many

4) UK zeds are cheaper to insure / run.
WRONG!! when taken together the often higher mileage of the UK spec zed will result in more maintenance cost..due to the longer exposure to Uk winters and the subsequent corrosion, granted Mr insurance co. will quote you.lower but only slightly but extra cost lurk behind the UK car.

5) UK zeds are worth more money..
Mmmm...wrong well sort of, they DID once command more money but not anymore, almost the reverse.

6) UK zeds are undersealed better..
WRONG both versions are done to the exact same standards.

7) UK zeds have sportier suspension
.WRONG!! although the rear shock absorbers have a degree of adjustment the ride is generally softer

8) UK zeds all had electric leather seats
WRONG!! cloth and non electric seats were fitted to some UK zeds

9) UK zeds have better headlights.
WRONG!! although different bulbs are fitted to the dip beam the outputs are the same...poor!

10) UK zeds are easier to get parts for.
WRONG!! service parts are almost identical and where they are not are now easy to get hold.


1) Import zeds better because of their lower mileage.
WRONG!! import history virtually impossible to prove, easy to change the odometer

2) Import zeds are chipped and have loads of goodies
WRONG!! most import zeds are standard albeit maybe wheels or an exhaust change

3) Import zeds year registration is full proof.
.WRONG !! very wrong, the system can be easily manipulated by rogue importers,.the seat belts, rear boot carpet .and rear light covers all have year of manufacture on them .... do check when buying, if in doubt call us with the .chassis number and we can confirm .the actual month and year of manufacture rather that the importers date.

4) Import zeds are more reliable.
WRONG!! there is no reason why an import should be more reliable, they do tend to be about the same

5) Import zeds can be difficult to insure
.WRONG!! there was a time some years ago that this was the case but not now most insurance co`s take imports

6) Import zeds will not run properly on UK fuel
WRONG!! quite happy to run on unleaded unless "chipped" then "Optimax" a must , UK spark plugs a good idea

7) Import zeds have smaller brakes
WRONG!! with the exception of the non turbo they are the same size but cast alloy instead of cast iron calipers

8) Import zeds have longer lasting tyre`s.
.WRONG well sort of, import tyre`s are harder compound so will last longer but grip less in the wet..CHANGE THEM

9) Import zeds autobox is weaker.
.WRONG!! the box is the same, in fact extra control is available via a sports / normal / hold switch

10) Import zeds have smaller radiators
.WRONG!! the water cooling radiator is the same, the autobox cooler built into the radiator is smaller though

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