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Here is some feedback from customers, for data protection reasons names have been omitted, however the full details are available at our workshop in the visiters and comments book.

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Just a quick note to thank you for all your efforts re my Z. I have attached a letter which I am more than happy for you to publish in part or whole if you wish.
See you when I can afford a few more bits and bobs to bolt on the car.
Best regards

Many thanks for all your support and assistance with my Z over the past months. Your welcome when we arrived was so warm and friendly, you made sure that I was fully briefed on
everything that had been done to date and nothing was to much trouble.

As you know I bought the Z off Paul in the knowledge that there were major issues as the work done by the previous company (no names) in replacing the turbos was shoddy and to a very poor standard. Indeed the report on the turbos from 'Turbo Dynamics' confirmed that there were major structural issues with the housings which were beyond repair.
The key to me taking on this project was your generous offer of being prepared to take the engine out and replace it once the work was completed on the turbo's. Without this offer I couldn't have justified the purchase of the vehicle in the first place and for that thank you very much as I have hankered after a Z for years but couldn't afford one.

The trip home on Sunday was fantastic, the engine smooth and Frances said I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Damned right!
I am now saving up to put on a 1999 front end and replace the GRP rear spoiler with a later specification one for my next visit to Zedworld as well as some under the bonnet modifications.
Once again thank you for all your help and support I heartily recommend Zedworld to all other Z owners.
Yours Sincerely

Jeff and his team at Zed world are spot on, they have just done sumthing amazing for me, as you know i had a new engine from them and we have now just finished fitting it, with my mechanic, we fitted the clutch as you know also and 20miles down the road the clutch went........... seen as though i really need the car due to it going in the body shop, jeff of his own back got my car collected, from wiltshire to tamworth, then he is going to replace the clutch, then do a full check of the car, then put it on the conzult, then deliver it back to me by monday......... and guess what, all for free due to me having to meet a dead line and coz i have been to him for everything, now that is service..... and for that mate i thank you..
thx jeff for all your help.
By karl

Jeff has helped me out similarly on more than one occasion

I've dealt with jeff couple of times, found him to be a decent , helpful, chilled out guy

i only ever phoned him for advice (before i joined the club) and found him extremely helpful im am not worthy

Ive had work done by Jeff myself both cambelt and heater matrix and I had a good service on both occations. I was well impressd by the pictorial invoice detailing the work that had been done on the cambelt as its one of those jobs that you have to rely on trust.

Not knowing anything about cars,I'm glad these guys like Jeff are around, with parts for these Zs being so expensive it stops us getting ripped off.
Lets face its a heater matrix in a Z could buy you a tidy little run around.
I was well pleased

I was down in Zedworld yesterday to get my Z fixed. Jeff done a brilliant job - top man .
While workin on me Z, he discovered dat my ECU woz already a modified one with "KS Rom" but boost jets were installed in the wrong place. He installed sum boost jets for me and the car really goes now.

ive been to jeff's about 5 or 6 times now and he's gone out his way to help me out. wouldve been lost without him on one or two occasions.

Yes i have to raise my glass to Jeff too, he did some servicing for me and has helped me over the phone on numerous occasions when i had a 300zx
Now i have a bmw 318si N reg which i would gladly swop for a 300zx

A Great, Great man. Answers all his e-mails, takes time out of his busy schedule to have a look at your problem if you happen to pop in. Brilliant

Last night, me and my mate went up there as his car has been running crap ever since going to a meet a few months ago. Jeff put the conzult on the car and found it to be 15 degrees advance on the timing!!!! The IACV was also compensating at 55% on idle so as you can imagine it was running pretty rich. Jeff altered the CAS to get the timing bang on and then cleared the fault codes from the ECU. Then, chequed the conzult again and all was OK. Took it for a spin to check for detonation and all I will say is "What the hell am I doing modifying mine!!". To feel the standard power again was awesome (I have been driving round in a primera diesel for the past 7 months! ). On top of that, Jeff let me have a couple of interior panels that were broken on mine for retrimming, FREE! He wouldnt take any money when both of us offered to pay for the service/parts......
Now, you dont get that kind of service from Nissan

Just like to add Jeff's a top bloke ,been quite a bit since I've seen him but he's always very helpful.Just wish he was closer to where I live !

Jeff serviced my car. He did a top job and took me to / from the railway station too

ive met the guy once he seems like a top bloke

Anyways met Jeff and his son today, two top blokes, had my cambelt sorted.
Had fun getting lost there and also on the way back but it was worth it.
So big thanks to all at Zedworld.

Once again Jeff and Jamie at Zed World have sorted my Zed out again at short notice. They offered to help me at JAE on the saturday but as soon at jamie started the heavens opened and we had to get onto bigger things pretty sharp lol. So it was booked in for today to have some work carried out on her and she has come out 50 times better,tho this is not the first time they have done this for me its everytime its been to you guys and i know they go out of their way to help and give the best service and advice to everybody not just myself. So a big thankyou once again lads

I'd like to add my Thanks to Jeff and Jamie, for giving mine the 'once over' on Sunday, and also for taking the time to explain the Conzult diagnostics. I've had my Zed for ten years now but they managed to show me things I'd never heard of. I'll certainly be bringing the car to you for any work and would recommend Zedworld to all.
I'm glad that you managed to recover after the storm on Saturday, Well done guys and girl (Lynda)
Thanks Again.

No drive fixed for 0
just like to say people that i sorted my gearbox within 1hr of working on it, thanks to tech advise from zedworld!! they knew straight away that it was a blocked g/box filter/strainer. took it off and cleaned her now shes running great, because this was blocked the gearbox was losing pressure resulting in no drive, job cost me 0 thanks for all your advise again guys
regards A.

Jeff at zedworld is a top bloke! Always happy to help and sees my zed when i can get it down to him

Is Zedworld any good 02-01-2003 12:33 AM ( Forum question)
I need to get a new centre bearing fitted to my Zed and i was wondering if Zedworld were worth going to and what experience you guys have had with them.In fact if anyone knows of a good mechanic in my area let me know, I live in Bury St edmunds in Suffolk

Speaking from a personal view/experiences YES Have used them a number of times since early last year,since the second day of getting my first zed and my next one,Jeff is a top bloke who on a number of occations busted his neck to sort out my cars,and not stuffed me for extra because of it,would recomend him to anyone T

Cheers T it is always good to hear other peoples views on places, i will ring Jeff tomorrow and ask him a price for a new centre bearing.

Re: YES!

I have also used Jeff before and have had no problems with his work. He also gave me a lift and picked me up form the train station

I have used zedworld twice now and had no problems, and will also be taking my car there in the near future.

Just dropped my motor off there this very afternoon for a load of work to be done on it. Jeff came and inspected the car for me a few weeks back, did an honest appraisal of it and told me exactly what needed doing and the cost to do it. He's a throughly nice bloke and sooo helpful too.

Jeff did my 60K last year. I had a few problems with the fan shroud afterwords due to my car being a NA and the difference between it and a NA. Jeff offered to replace the fan shroud to me, I updgraded it to a carbon fiber one instead.
He also did a final service on the car before I sold it.

He always picked me up / dropped me off at the local train station and answered my calls for support even when not related to work he had done. He is not perfect, no one is, but I truely believe he was trying to do the best he could at a fair price. I would reccomend him to anyone.
oops, forgot to mention, I was going to be out of the country when the sale of my car went through so Jeff volunteered to keep the car until the buyer picked it up and complete the formatlities. What a great guy!

I've had a service, front bushes, and valet done, all for less than Nissan would have charged me for the service alone, and he did a great job too. I'd recommend him for sure.

Picked my z up from Jeff on Saturday. He had done a top job, full service with all the belts, pump etc, new shockers, new brakes etc. Bloody good valet and had the car looking well.
Persoanlly I cant fault the fella

I have been taking my car to Jeff since I bought it last September. Any work that Jeff has done, I have never had to check, if there have been any problems he has told me up front and I have been and am, more than happy with the quality of his work.
However, due to the fact that I have such faith in his work, the only negative comment I have, is that he only works on Zs and the wife has a rover. Looks like I am going to have to get her a Z too.
Seriously though, Jeff realizes that people are not made of money and and will quote a price for a job before he starts, rather than telling you at the end how long it took him and charging you by the hour.
Anyway, that's my take on Jeff's good work. long may it continue.

I've never been to Zedworld,but would definately go if it was closer.
As far as dealing with Jeff, then thats only been on the phone or asking him questions when he was on here,and from my few dealings he seems like a top bloke.

I regularly travel over 100 miles to ZedWorld for bits and bobs including servicing and oil changes etc. I've been going there since I got my Z and will continue to go there. You will be hard pushed to find a garage that goes so much out of their way to help, is as friendly, spends hours on the phone giving FREE advice and puts in the hours Jeff does.
Top bloke!

When I was a Z owner (soon to be again!! ) I never took my car anywhere else!!
Jeff is a top bloke who goes beyond the call of duty, i.e. picking up people from places, helping out with viewing of potential purchases, extra work etc....and he does know his Ztuff!
He has done a lot for me and if I had to pay the inflated prices elsewhere I would have been bankrupt now.
I have made many calls I have made to Jeff whilst driving when I have heard something odd or could smell something funny (no fart jokes please!)
When I eventually have another Z I will use Zedworld again.
I did pop over to the workshop as I was passing the area and said 'hello' and Jeff was working away and said he was in at 5am the following morning and wouldn't be leaving till 10pm that night as he had loads to do!.........he must be mad......

I take my 300 to Zedworld and only Zedworld from London when things need doing.
Had a 200SX before this and always had it serviced at Nissan in Camden. I'm gobsmacked by the value for money I get from Jeff, and he's very frank and straight up. I thank my lucky stars that I found Jeff.
I've only been twice so far (only had the car since Nov), but I've made up my mind to stick with a fella that I think is straight up and great value for money.
I'd definitely recommend him.


I've used Zedworld ever since I brought my Zed 7 months ago. I've allways found Jeff to be excellent value for money and i have allways been pleased with the work I've had done. Its clear to me that not only is Jeff a bloody good mechanic and bloody nice chap, but he's also an enthusiast who really loves his job.
When I was having the suspension changed on my car, Nissan only sent 3 shocks insted of 4, and I had to wait a week for them to send the last shock. So I decided to leave the car with Jeff and drive my girlfriends car, save going back up to Tamworth only to have to return a week later. In this time, Jeff fixed many minor bits and bobs and didn't charge me a bean for this extra work.
I've got only good words to say about Zedworld

Just had a nice upgrade to the beast
Took it to Zedworld for a chip upgrade and boost jets.
Now pushing 15 psi
Also changed the 16" wheels with dodgy Jap rubber ( illegal over here apparently ?) for some stonking 18"s.
Its like a new car, hang on its 2am...I'm blathering on

Cheers P

Had the pleasure of meeting Jeff yesterday when i took my car in for a new battery and fuel filter.
I was thinking of selling the Z, but not now.
Having somebody who is reasonably close to me and so enthusiastic about the Z, has put my mind at rest.
I just need to get some bodywork done now.
Roll on the shows.
Thanks Jeff, nice to meet you.
Cheers D

yup, he's a nice guy, gave me and a mate a lift to the station too.

Met Jeff recently myself - dug my UK 90tt out of the garage for the first time in a few years, its now with Jeff to have a good look over and a few
bits sorted out.

Is good to find someone who is knowledgeable and appreciative of the 300z, beats the main dealers who have to look through the same manual I have
every time you talk to them...

Looking forward to the drive back

Cheers Jeff!

With you all there! New brake pads all round from Jeff, and the car is a different beast
ECU will have to wait till Easter though
Know what you mean about a gaggle of Zeds!
The very best of luck to you and Zedworld, I wish you all the success in business mate.
Simple as that really.

"Jeff is an expert when it comes to the ZX and is as honest as they come. This'll be the only place I take my car in the future.
Thanks, Dave."

I have been taking my Zed to Jeff, for the last 2 yrs (since i bought the car), and all work to my car has been carried out by Jeff at his workshop........... well, what can i
say ?........... he has given me 100% customer satisfaction everytime, has been very fair with his pricing and has even pointed out and rectified a few odds and ends,
free of charge.

Jeff is a great guy, and is the main reason that i have kept the car this long and will probably keep it as long as his workshop is running !

Keep up the Good Work !!!!!

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