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1) Preparation

Ok this is where you make sure that before a potential buyer is any where near your car that all the paper work for the car is available to hand, that`s all the legal stuff like MOT`s Owner`s documents,service books and receipts etc are up to date information wise and are current.There is nothing more off putting than a seller who has not prepared and cannot find that certain document,handbook or service record that was described in the advertisement.

2) Presentation

This is where you get to show off your motor! spend some time giving it a good wash and vacuum! if time permits a polish and clean those windows in and out! Buy a cheap (but not nasty) air freshner and get rid of the stale fart and body smells you love to leave in there, make sure there is no rubbish in the ashtray or under the seats and do not forget the boot, prospective buyer`s will look in there too.

Look around the car body work and touch in any small scratches and chips with a paint stick, check the tyre`s and wheels for scuffs and
clean accordingly.

Most of all your mission is to impress, if you fail to impress the sale will not happen or worse it will but at a reduce reward to yourself, don`t forget to invite the buyer to look around the car without you watching over them, this will give them confidence in your view of the car and help them feel less pressured.This in turn will help the sale along as although it is an important purchase and sale transaction it should also remain friendly.

3) Marketing

Be assertive when writing the ad for your car, make it stand out from others like it, if it has special features or goodies fitted mention them do not fill the add up with the usual central locking, air con, electric windows blah,blah it use`s up your lineage and most people looking for this level of car will expect it to have these features already!

"Fully Loaded" with the comma`s really says it all and leaves space for more interesting stuff.

Before deciding which medium to use for your advertisement take a look around at what type of vehicle`s are presented, no point placing an add in the "Little Village News Gazette" your market audience will be...ZERO ! or equally in a paper 500 miles away.Although having said that the internet does often unit buyer and sellers from both end`s of the country so it can work if done correctly. Once you have decided on a plan of action and your chosen paper or trade mag (Auto Trader) make sure you will be available on day of publication do not go out for the day expecting potential buyer`s to leave a message...they most likely will not!

4) Pricing

Always a tricky one this, balancing a realistic sale price against the max amount you can get.
If you look at it from the buyers point of view it is clear best car for least money!
however the seller want`s best price for....???? now is your car "the best" and here is the rub! be realistic! I know it might hurt but hey you were a buyer once for this car and how did you fair? If you have spent £xxx on the car getting it reliable or upgraded or both, make it a selling point not a negative that the car cost you load`s to run. If you use the main valuation guide it should at least help you decide on what level to start the price at, and be flexible, buyers like a haggle and feel they have "done a good deal" if you give a little.

5) Honesty

Potential buyer`s will not be impressed by a car that is described as "Mint" turns out to be in need of some heavy TLC when they arrive.If this is the case be honest in the ad, people will still respond if priced realistically.As a private buyer you are still have responsibility to not hide dangerous defects but be careful to not show every blemish because too much negative from the seller is a no,no. Remain calm and keep real about claims of "this power" and "the handling performance" unless you have a MAX POWER geezer it is not required to exaggerate

# Z Buying Key Points

Now you are the potential buyer the table`s are turned and shrewd analytical approach to the purchasing of your Zed will take place?......yeh right! we have all done it heart rules the head and bang! you have done your money and have a new car on your drive...gulp! forgot to check out the log book the mileage the.......on and on.
Do not fall in to this trap, do check out as many cars as possible, look at car`s out of your budget range (but do not waste buyers time) and one`s you view as too cheap, by doing this you will have a range of the best to the worst hopeful.

Using your new knowledge start to get serious and take a few test drives, when viewing a potential Zed ask as many questions as you can remember from the list below and use the answer`s to value the car in your mind using the main Z valuation method.

Also use your sense`s listen and feel the car is there something not quite right? tell the buyer and see if he looks uncomfortable or is he encouraging? both can be bad as he could be covering up or he is trying it on, always remember BUYER BEWARE!

Not wanting to sound too cynical there but do be careful, however not all sellers are covering up and often private sellers will be more honest and mention the few gremlins they have had with the car, do not expect a trader to be anything but business like at this point.

As the Zed has diagnostic test`s which can be done quite easily it is prudent to do this for the engine ecu and the gearbox ecu (if auto) (instructions on this elsewhere on this site (tips) ) the Hicas diag. is a bit too involved really for most sellers to accept you conducting on their driveway so make a real effort to see how the back end of the car feels on the road, it should be tight and no skipping on unbroken surfaces.Brakes are always an issue with sports car`s and the Zed is no different, if after market wheels are fitted it will be easy to see the pad`s and the disc`s condition expect to spend at least £200 to £300 on a front end disc and pad replacement so again a bargaining chip.

Service history and money spent on maintenance and sensible upgrades is all good but it all needs documenting to be worth anything.Do not take anyone`s word for it that timing belt`s etc have been done unless there is proof.Often main dealer service work can be confirmed by the dealer in question as they do tend to retain information for many years.

If in doubt though what`s your gut feeling if it seems too good to be true ...then it probably is !

# Z Valuation Ten Key Points

For a realistic and worthwhile valuation of your own car we first need to look at the 10 points below, honesty is the key here otherwise your
valuation will be inaccurate and could waste time due to re-ads.

1) Service record...........Does this included timing belt and a recent gearbox flush?
(applies to manuals and auto`s)

2) Body Condition..........Does the general appearance need any work?

3) Hicas ( rear steer).....Does this work ok? .... are the shocks at the rear ok ?

4) Brake assemblies........Condition of the disc`s and calipers

5) Suspension..............Is the ride controled and the bumpy bits positive to drive over

6) Fault code`s............Is the ecu showing any fault codes a buyer may need to deal with ?

7) Wheels & tyres.........Be honest do the wheels need a referb? are the tyres in need of tread ?

8) Exhaust.................Noisy or maybe sporty systems may actually be hiding the fact they need attention.

9) Interior................Leather add`s money if in good nick but if not it can be a put off

10) Documentation........Mot & Tax..how much left ? a fresh Mot will always be a plus point


Although documentation appears as point ten it is by far the single most important concideration. Without proof of service, repair and or general maintenance value to buy and value to sell will always be effected. This why it is so important to keep every single receipt for any work done or parts fitted to your Zed, it is not good enough to present for sale any car let alone a potential supercar with supporting paperwork.

If you find yourself in a position of having little or no paper work for your car do some research, if the car has been worked on at main dealers they will almost certainly have a record of it on their computor system.

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